Far away in time

Shiny New Job July 23, 2007

Filed under: Work — Echo Beach @ 12:19 am

So, I’m working at a production company that makes documentary-style reality tv shows. They have shows on the Food network, TLC, History channel, etc. They also have a show that’s premiering on Bravo at the end of the month. I’m the office PA, so I get to make coffee, do filing, run errands and keep the kitchen clean. Basically I’m like an intern, except I get paid. Which is exciting. However I don’t have a desk, I just hang out in the kitchen, which is also the conference room, so I get kicked out when people want to have meetings in there. But I also get to watch tv while I work, although I’m supposed to leave it on a channel that we have a show on, so I watch a lot of Bravo. I’ve seen every episode of this season of Top Chef at least one and a half times. Everyone there is really nice, which is good, because they are the only people I know in the city.

I’m going to take my laptop into the kitchen now, so I can get a good enough signal to send this, then go to sleep, but next time I’ll talk about the cute intern (he’s younger than me, leaving in a month, and a swimmer. That’s a lethal combination for me).


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