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Insomnia August 28, 2007

Filed under: Misc. — Echo Beach @ 11:22 pm

(2:00 AM) So, I can’t sleep. I can’t go on the internet either (I’m writing this offline, I’ll try and post it in the morning). My internet has been fucked up for the past few days. And by “my” I mean “my neighbor’s unsecured wireless”. I was going to get my own internet, except the Time-Warner people couldn’t communicate basic instructions to the people they sent out, and then I got fired, so not spending money became more of a priority. But now the network that I’ve been using the most is no longer working. I can connect, and it says I have a signal, but I still can’t go online. This used to happen all the time at my mom’s house, and usually you just had to restart the modem or the router, but since I don’t know where the modem is, I’ve had to make do with the two other un-password protected networks near my apartment. Of course these are weaker, and I can only connect to them for short periods of time, and/or while standing in my kitchen.

I’m more tired now (I’ve been sitting in the dark while I typed this, and I’m a lot better than I’d thought at touch typing) so hopefully I’ll be able to fall asleep. If not maybe I’ll write more, although nothing much has happened in the past week. (Spoiler: this is probably because I’ve hardly left my apartment). If I do fall asleep I’ll probably have more of these really long, kind of nonsensical, rambling dreams that I’ve been having for the past few days.

ETA: (2:00 PM) Still not sleeping well. I woke up after six hours, stayed up for a few hours, then went back to sleep again. Also more long dreams. I still feel kind of discombobulated. Plus, internet’s still busted.

ETA: Yay! My internet is finally working!


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