Far away in time

Tasty tasty food September 2, 2007

Filed under: Yum! — Echo Beach @ 1:44 am

So, I am really proud of myself, because I made a cheesecake. My apartment smells all yummy. Unfortunately I have not been able to eat any of it yet, because I forgot that it has to refrigerate for four hours before you are supposed to eat it. Normally I would just say to hell with it (patience not being one of my strong suits) but I am afraid of cutting into it and having it melt all over the place, which would make me very sad and a huge mess. But I keep looking at it in the fridge, and it looks so pretty and perfect and round, and the middle didn’t fall, and I get to eat all of it. I am very excited.

I am also kind of getting addicted to this making-real-food thing. Last week I made french bread, and it was really good. I pretty much had a religious experience eating it hot from the oven. I actually though “I should start some sort of bread-based religion”. I still have one loaf left, it’s currently sharing freezer space with my sleepwear. I really want to make potato salad next, but I’m trying to find a good recipe that doesn’t use mayonnaise, because mayo = yuck.

In summary: I am an awesome baking genius, maple syrup is annoying because it is expensive, but using too little is worse than having none at all, so you always end up using too much, and I should probably start eating before sunset.


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