Far away in time

March 6, 2008

Filed under: Me,Misc.,Sewing — Echo Beach @ 7:47 pm

So, I am continually resolving to write here more, and then I never do. It’s not even the New Years thing, where you keep the resolution for a few weeks and then stop; I resolve to write more often, but I don’t. It’s tragic really. In fact I’m only writing now so I can avoid working on my jeans. (Rationale: I’d only have 40 minutes before Lost (even though it’s only last week’s)). Anyway the progress of the jeans is the only thing people even ask me about anymore, because it’s the only thing I’ve actually been doing in weeks. Which is why I resolved to accomplish one thing (even if it was a little thing) every day, and I made a list and everything. And todays is work on my fucking jeans. I’m just worried about them, and I’m on the waistband, which stretches a different way from the pants, and I spent hours last time fussing around with them (and basting, which I never do) and the pants are all wrinkled across the back, and I’m afraid that when try them on it won’t go away. Right, anyway. So I haven’t been doing anything, although I will be going back to work a week from Monday (fingers crossed, knock on wood etc.). Also Firefox is being a bitch and a half to me, and I want to smack it. Although I sort of suspect it’s because I try to open too many windows ans tabs at once. But there are somethings that I want to go back to, and if I bookmark them and close the window I will never see it again. But I am trying to get some of them closed. For someone who sits at home all day doing nothing, I have a lot of stress. I was also going to write about these really cool DVD menus I saw, but I haven’t taken screenshots of them yet, and I still cannot get pictures into my posts. It is allegedly very easy, but it refuses to work for me (bastard). So I know I posted those TV personality quizzes last time, but I looked for a Veronica Mars one and they did not have one, and this is one of the things that has been clogging up my dock, so:

That’s right bitches! While was taking it I thought that I was probably too much of a Good Girl to get Miss Mars herself, but I just remembered that she totally was a good girl until that whole best friends murder/social outcast/quest for vengeance thing. And when I went to get the code for that I ended up at another quiz (I swear, it’s like crack):

And really, he’s basically the male, futuristic, space-western, version of Veronica Mars.
So I’ve got to go put my Netflix in the mail before (last week’s) Lost, (also, grrr Netflix for not being open on Sat). Later.


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