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Subduing WordPress to My (Considerable) Will April 8, 2008

Filed under: Misc.,TV — Echo Beach @ 1:09 pm

As you can see I changed the theme I was using (if you’re reading this in RSS you should click over and look, it’s very nice), and I finally found a text-only LibraryThing widget (on the right and down) and I’m very proud of getting it to match the surrounding box. I decided to mix it up because WordPress has redesigned their backend, and it’s very pretty, all brown and light blue. Of course they don’t have any themes that look like it, but I’m happy with what I picked. The real reason for this post (and the ensuing redesign) is to finally figure out how to post pictures here. I didn’t know that they’d updated the interface, so maybe it won’t be a huge pain in the ass after all.

These are screenshots of the DVD menus from Jekyll, the recent BBC Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde re-imagining/miniseries. I wanted to post them because they’re the first menus I’ve seen that seamlessly integrated the menu options into the image, instead of just having them floating on top. (Turns out one of my screenshots didn’t take, so I just have the audio menu)

Jekyll Audio Menu

Yay! I am awesome.  I’m totally going back and fixing my (much) earlier post where I could not get the picture in.


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