Far away in time

Manic Wednesday April 10, 2008

Filed under: Home,Misc. — Echo Beach @ 12:31 am

Man did I have a lot of energy today. First I took out all the trash in my apartment, including the stuff at the back of the fridge, and the dead plant that’s been sitting next to my TV for four months. (Taking out the trash is my least favorite chore, not least because I have to haul it down to the dumpster, and I’m lazy.) Then I drove to: the going out of business furniture store (nothing left), Office Depot (files to get all this crap off my “desk”), and IKEA, where I ended up getting everything except what I went there for (bookcase to get the rest of the stuff of my “desk” so I can stop using air quotes about it, it turned out to be too heavy for me to haul up to my apartment). The people at IKEA must have thought I was on drugs or something because I could not stop smiling and touching things, not to mention darting from one side to the other when something caught my eye. But you really have to be in a manic mood to go to IKEA, because it is so huge and full of stuff (sigh). When I got back I replaced the knobs in my kitchen and started to put up the shelf I got for next to my bed (it’s red and it fits exactly in the space available), but it was late and my neighbor yelled at me for hammering (I had to (well, still have to) put anchors in the wall so the screws wouldn’t come out). I was already feeling really guilty about it, and trying to hammer quietly and infrequently, so I stopped when she yelled (this is also why my apartment is still only half vacuumed). I’m still kind of jittery, and not at all tired, and I kind of understand why Manic-Depressives would stop taking their medication. (is that a bad thing to say? I hope not, I didn’t mean it in a bad way!)


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