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Lots of Pictures, You’ve Been Warned April 13, 2008

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Hi people! I don’t know where you all came from, or if you will ever come back, but hi!

I’m tired now, I was working today (for free, blah) on this student film that was a total mess, 9 hrs of everyone taking their sweet time, then 3 hours of oh my god hurry up 2-take set-ups. But the good part was that we were out at Linda Vista which is this amazing abandoned run-down art deco hospital, close to downtown LA. I’ve shot there twice before (on longer and better organized shoots thankfully) and I love it. It’s falling apart, and it’s full of room after room of abandoned furniture, and discarded hospital stuff, and random shit that film crews have left there (also, tons of dirt, not very costume friendly). Last time I was there I tried to take those “empty rooms with stuff in them” kind of pictures, which I’m not very good at. So this time I tried to do more “abstract close-ups”

and “things framed by windows”,

which worked better, because composition was one of my stronger skills in photography. Also most of the building is unlit, except by natural light, so taking pictures through windows works well. I also threw in a healthy number of “things I couldn’t see without the flash”.

This is the view up the dumbwaiter shaft (like an elevator shaft, but tiny!).

This is the same view with no flash, I assume that the lights are coming through the open dumbwaiter doors on each floor. I know that if you are reading this on RSS and or have a slow internet connection you already hate me for posting this many pictures anyway, so I’m going to go ahead and post my favorite ones.









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