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Nothing Very Interesting April 14, 2008

Filed under: Home,Links — Echo Beach @ 12:43 am

As I am not feeling particularly “inspired” today (it’s hot here, even though it’s after midnight, and I’ve been trying not to use my air conditioner for as long as possible, both at home and in the car, because it make my electrical bill go crazy, and it’s not great for my gas mileage. (Of course I just went and turned it on, because I hate being hot, but I’ll just run it for a few minutes then turn it back to fan.)) Anyway I’m going to refer to my hastily scrawled post-it of blog ideas. It tells me that I was going to link to Contest Blogger, because they are giving away $100 a month to a random person who links to them, and I am a total whore. Plus, who couldn’t use $100? (See, I turned the air conditioner off already.) Apparently you can also get two additional entries by linking to their other sites Romance Tracker, and Advertising Blogger. A note, Romance Tracker does not seem to have anything to do with romance novels but instead offers real-life romance tips.  So yeah, this was rather boring (although according to WordPress linking to things = traffic) so I’m going to start a new paragraph and hope it’s more interesting.

Yeah, not so much, I ran a bunch of errands today, I bought a bunch of food (which was all kinds of fun to carry back to my apartment).  Of course now I’m hungry and I don’t want to eat any of it, because I’m afraid that I’m going to eat it all up too fast.  Yeah, I’m going to go watch Freaks and Geeks now, on my bed, which is by the open window, and hopefully cooler.


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