Far away in time

Thoughts I had while watching The Emmys (in roughly chronological order) September 22, 2008

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So I will be writing a real post soon, full of excuses and explanations and pictures of cute boys, but since I watched all three hours of Emmy coverage tonight I had some extra thoughts, and I thought I’d share them with you.

  • Wait, really Oprah?  Wow, really Oprah.
  • Wow, these guys are really boring, is Lee Pace going to be presenting anything?  I don’t know, but if Pushing Daisies wins anything they’ll cut to him.  That’s enough reason to keep watching.
  • Hedi Klum looks good in a suit.
  • Less good in that spangled shorts jumpsuit.
  • They should get Rickey Gervais to host, he’s the only funny bit so far.  (At all in fact.)
  • Do you think he’s really off script?  Everyone always says they’re not reading off the teleprompter, but maybe that’s just what the teleprompter is telling them to say.
  • Pushing Daisies won for something! (Best director?)  I should stop being totally obsessed with him, but he’s wearing a bow tie.  Is he dating Kristen Chenowith?  Who’s that girl sitting on the other side of him?
  • Seriously, stop cutting to Tom Hanks.
  • Isn’t Lily Tomlin dead?  No, I guess I’m thinking of that other girl from SNL.
  • Wait, Charlton Heston died?
  • Random cut to Lee Pace!
  • I love the Mary Tyler Moore theme song.  She kind of looks like Carol Burnett now.  Wait, her earrings are giant bronze safety pins, awesome.  What is going on with her arms?  They are scaring me.  They’re not flabby, they’re kind of muscled, but they look all alien and wrong.  She’s too skinny!  Mary Tyler Moore, eat a sandwich!  Maybe two!
  • You could tell any girl with glasses that she looks like Tina Fay, even if she knows you’re lying she’ll be flattered.  She’s like smart girl catnip.
  • Yay The Amazing Race!  Wait, why is the Aussie guy with the eyebrows not nominated for reality show host?  Phil, why don’t they love you?
  • I like Kate Walsh’s hair like that.  She’s so pretty.
  • Ok, Lauren Conrad and David Boreanaz?  Man, he looks like he is going to call his agent as soon as he’s off stage, his internal monologue is all “Her? Really? Someone is going to explain this to me. And then get fired”.
  • Neil Patrick Harris!  Wait, where did he go?
  • Hey, that redhead from Mad Men is pretty.  No not the skinny girl in white, go back.  They’re on stage now, but all I can see is her cleavage.  That green dress looks great though.
  • Oh, Laurence Fishburn was in the audience because he’s presenting.  I kind of like the orange suit, but it’s really close to matching the background.  Since the background is a giant tv screen you’d think this could have been avoided.
  • And it’s over. Did I watch three hours of television just so I could see fifteen seconds of Lee Pace?  Yes I did.  Was it worth it? Totally (did I mention he was in a tux?)

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