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Joss Whedon Is Amazing July 8, 2008

So, finally getting around to posting the teaser trailer for Joss Whedon’s online mini-musical (in three parts) Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog:

Teaser from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on Vimeo..
(OK, clearly I could not get it to embed (curse you WordPress, now I know why everyone else uses Blogger) but you should totally click on the link, I promise you it’s worth it.)

Yes, that’s Nathan Fillion beating up on Neil Patrick Harris. No I don’t see how this could be any more awesome (unless there was a cameo by Kristen Bell).

In related news, I’m still totally excited about Dollhouse (although not entirely sure if I’ve blogged about it yet or not) not least because there hasn’t been a character named “Echo” on TV since they killed off Mr. Eko on Lost. I was also sad when I realized (after his death) that although he sounds like my husband, I could not actually marry him, because that would make my name Echo Eko, which is totally unacceptable. I am also excited about the super hotness and total ass-kickingness of Helo and Faith (far left and center below).

The Cast of <em>Dollhouse</em>, via zap2it.com
The Cast of Dollhouse, via zap2it.com

Although, based on this picture the other two “dolls” (you can tell because they’re not wearing shoes) are kind of funny looking, especially the guy. Also, before he was cast in this, when I was watching the credits on BSG I always thought the actor playing Helo (Tahmoh Penikett) was one of the girls. (I think I thought he was Dualla, who it turns out was played by the actor I thought was playing Cally. What happened to Dualla anyway, did she die and I just don’t remember it? That would be sad because I really liked her before she got married to Lee and got sucked into his black hole of whinyness. (I also am still not caught up, so if she turns out to be the final cylon or something, please do not tell me, thank you.)

Also, I was looking around on the FOX website, trying to find a trailer or something for Dollhouse, which clearly I didn’t, but their site is kind of sketchy and surprisingly low on content, also very dark. Was it always like that, do they just keep all the stuff on the show pages? I don’t know, anyway.

I am also starting to really miss the shows that never came back on the air after the strike, even the ones that I only watched regularly, not obsessively (Chuck, Private Practice, where did you go?). Anyway, my brain is (clearly) kind of scattered today, so I am going to go and make my annual Excel time-slot conflict spreadsheet (factors include, how committed I am to the show, and whether it is available online).


My New TV Crush July 3, 2008

So, I’ve been watching this summer show called The Middleman, and after Monday’s episode (#3) I think I’m totally falling in love with it. Then in my car today, I realized that if it was a person, and not a television show, The Middleman would totally be my ideal guy. It’s smart and funny, overly verbal, kind of retro, and full of pop culture references (not all of which I get). It’s kind of geeky (it is based on a comic book), very silly, and not afraid to make fun of itself. Plus it’s full of bright colors and big shiny toys. And of course it has the pretty:

Matt Keeslar and Natalie Morales in The Middleman
Matt Keeslar and Natalie Morales in The Middleman (There’s a reason one of his nicknames is “Sexy boss-man”)

I was downloading it (illegally, shh!), but you can actually watch it for free on ABC Family’s website, which I’m going to start doing so they can count me. I’m also going to buy the comic. Because it looks also awesome. I’ve never read comics (except for one of my friend’s issues of Sandman which totally scarred me (this was about three years ago)), but I’m getting this one and, Buffy Season 8, so we’ll see. (I’m trying to up my geek cred, but I’m not sure sticking to comics that are also TV shows is going to help.)


TV and Art (Two Separate Discussions) April 18, 2008

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So the Eli Stone finale was on tonight, and oh man you guys, there was so much crying. I started getting all teary before the opening credits, then Victor Garber got me really going, and I spent at least the last half-hour just all out; tears-streaming-down-the-face, the whole nine yards. It was very cathartic, I feel great now. Seriously, if it’s back next season you guys should totally watch it. The beginning of the season was kinda rocky, but it’s totally becoming my new Grey’s Anatomy (i.e. show that makes me cry every week, whether I want to or not [Grey’s Anatomy itself no longer fills this role, which continues to make me sad, but in a disappointed way, not a crying way]). Also you have not lived until you’ve seen Victor Garber sing (yeah I totally love him, but he’s awesome, spy daddy, lawyer daddy, I don’t care, he’s totally my TV surrogate dad. Along with Hugh Laurie on House, and if the image of the two of them as a gay couple with a daughter doesn’t make you unreasonably happy, I don’t know what will).

In other news from tonight’s TV shows: on The Office Jim and Pam are too cute for words, I totally “awww”-ed, even after I had steeled myself against their cuteness. But I think the internet quiz was right, Jim really is my ideal boyfriend; I just want a tall, dorky guy who I can joke, (and banter) with, and who sometimes calls me by my last name. See, that’s not so much really.

In non-television news, I was looking for quilt books at the library, and I found this altered books book, and it’s totally amazing. I’ve done some collage, a little painting, not much three-D but I have made a few books into boxes, (I have actually made books, but they didn’t have anything inside them). But this is like this amazing combination of all three, with words underneath, the possibility for narrative, and interactivity. I started making one last night, using my file of ten years worth of magazine clippings, plus the three+ year old stack of Elles that I can never bring myself to throw away, because when I go on an art binge and I need to find pictures of doors they are there for me. I’ve got one page spread done, and one halfway done, and there are piles of magazine pages spread across my entire floor, and it’s great. however I have discovered that I’m too old to sit all hunched over on the floor to work on a project. I go into this kind of a fugue state, where I’m so involved and focused on what I’m working on that everything else just falls away, and I’ll “wake up” two, three, four hours later, and these past few days I’ve barely been able to stand back up, my back and legs are so sore. Sadly I am not yet old enough to afford a nice big table to work at (I have a desk for my sewing machine, but it’s small, and cluttered with sewing crap) so I’m going to keep sitting on the floor (and spreading all my stuff across it).

In bottom of the page news: I have finished my week of everyday blogging, but I think I’ve finally sorted out what I want this thing to be, so I’m going to keep writing regularly (I wish I could promise only when I had something to say, but it’s more likely to be the opposite). I also want to write about Dollhouse (it’s on the hastily scrawled post-it), but I’m still trying to marshal my thoughts beyond “Squee!”, so we’ll see how that goes.


Oh My Frakkin’ Gods April 11, 2008

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Dude. Battlestar Galactica always has awesome space battles, but that was amazing. The pre-credits sequence was better than anything I’ve seen on TV in months (strike not withstanding). Also, Kara Thrace is a motherfrakkin badass, but if you get in a showdown with Laura Roslin, you are going to lose.



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Look! I am not writing in the middle of the night. This may very well be my inaugural daytime post, but I am much too lazy to actually go and check.

Also look! I have put links in my sidebar. Now all the people who don’t read my blog can also not read the blogs I like to read. I know there are not very many right now, but I’m sure I will add more. Also I like how my sidebar makes everything lowercase, it’s very soothing. Also, in reading other people’s blogs I have come to the conclusion that the reason I have a hard time talking about other people here is that I can never think up clever nicknames for people. I have clever nicknames for my clothes (just the ones that I’ve sewn myself (mostly)), but people only get one name in my head. Come to think of it, the clothes only have one name too, it’s just one more than most people’s have.

I am trying to break up my posts, so they are not just monolithic blocks of text, but I’m not sure if WordPress is just going to go and smoosh it all back together anyway. Regardless I’m going to go and watch the final-season premier episode of Battlestar Galactica now. I know it aired a week ago, but I’ve been working myself up to it (and successfully avoiding spoilers).


Black Market Flowers October 25, 2007

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So, my new TV boyfriend is Ned from Pushing Daisies. The show as a whole is stunning and bright and funny and georgious and Chuck (the girl) wears these beautiful vintage style dresses, and every time I try to describe the show I just think of so many little things that I love. It’s really just amazing, and you should totally watch it (Wed @ 8/7 Central on ABC) but if you don’t it’s really no skin off my nose, because lots of other people are watching, and ABC picked up the back nine after only three episodes, so I’m not worried about it. But back to Ned, I’m not sure he has a last name, unless it’s Piemaker, which is odd because the show is almost compulsive with the labeling. He’s adorable and sweet, and just sexy enough to not be a total puppy dog. I still cannot figure out how to add pictures to my posts (grrr), so I’m just going to link to his picture: Lee Pace which you really should click on, because he’s adorable. (ETA: Finally figured it out!)

Lee Pace

I should get going, because I have to head to work (still not getting paid), and my mom is going to be here in less than 24 hours (and she’s staying with me). But, I dyed my hair over the weekend, and now it’s red, really red, like my glasses, which hopefully moves my first impression towards ‘I could kick you ass or make out with you, possibly both’ and away from ‘I went to Cathloic school / I go to church every day’ (Which I swear to god someone told me was their impression of me the other day, although I was dressed as a 50’s extra and wearing shoes that were too small for me when they first saw me.) Ok, really have to go or I’m going to be late. Hope I can get the spell check to work, Firefox is doing this weird thing where the window never goes to the background, so right-click menus come up under the window, which is not helpful. It’s totally not working, the internet will just have to deal with my poor spelling


Things that made me go “Oooooh!” this weekend August 19, 2007

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In reverse order:

  • So, after the short lived rumor that she would be joining the cast of Lost, E! Online is now reporting that Kristen Bell will be doing a multi-episode arc on Heroes! Which is by far the best post-Veronica Mars casting news that I’ve heard. (The worst being that Logan is going to be on CBS’s Angel rip-off Moonlight. I love me some Jason Dohring, but that show looks bad.)

  • I went to Venice this weekend, and I was waiting on the side street where we’d parked the car when I heard someone walking up the street behind me. I turned around and saw Arvin Sloan walking along the deserted sidewalk. I kind of freaked out, and turned back around, but I watched his back after he passed, and it was definitely Ron Rifkin. Walking down the sidewalk in Venice, wearing a yarmulke and humming to himself. It was surreal.
    So now I can cross two things off my “Since I’ve Been in LA” list: seen the ocean, and seen a famous person. I still haven’t seen the Hollywood sign though.
  • I firmly believe that this is the most beautiful sentence in the English language: “with Jack Black, Paul Rudd, Jason Schwartzman and Justin Long as the Beatles”. It is referring to Judd Apatow’s upcoming movie Walk Hard, and, for me, this bumps the movie from “ehh” (I’m a little skeptical of John C. Reilly as a comic lead) to “OMG” (Because; Jack Black. Paul Rudd. Jason Schwartzman. Justin Long. As, The Beatles). I’m having trouble deciding who will play which Beatle, mostly because I can never remember any characteristics of George besides “The Quiet One”. But I think Schwartzman as John, Rudd as Paul (he’s for sure the cute one), Long as Ringo (in my mind both the manic one, and the skinny one), leaving Black as George. But it really doesn’t matter which is which, because any way you slice it = Awesome.