Far away in time

Coincidence? I think not! September 23, 2007

So, I haven’t written in ages, and I’m kind of tired, so apologies in advance if this turns out to be an incoherent info-dump. I’d do bullet points, but I’ve forgotten how, and I’m too lazy to look up the HTML.

Last weekend I went to the first wedding where I wasn’t related to anyone there. It was awesome. I got all teary during the ceremony, then later I did that thing where I say “awww” about everything and I cannot stop myself. I also almost fulfilled a wedding cliché, until I was interrupted by one of my “friends”. And you know how I like clichés.

It rained here! Last night and today, I am very excited. It smelled so good yesterday when it started, and then this evening my apartment complex smelled like eucalyptus. It’s finally starting to cool down here, and I am very excited about fall in LA (it is my favorite season after all).

I started interning on this movie today, which I’m still a little conflicted about, so I’m going to try to sort all my thoughts into a pro/con list. (Wish me luck)
Pro: I am completely in charge of costumes and wardrobe, I get to do all the shopping, etc.
con: I am the entire wardrobe department. The production as a whole has a very small crew.
Pro: I have to buy less food.
con: I have to buy more gas.
Pro: I get experience and connections.
con: I don’t get paid.
Pro: What we’ve shot so far (one day) looks really good, the location is great and the lighting is vary atmospheric and moody.
con: The script. It is so bad, you guys. It suffers chiefly from a lack of exposition, and the fact that if you actually think about it for 30 seconds it makes no sense. The gaping plot holes, completely unexplained bookending scenes, and silly dialog are really just the cherry on top.
Pro: The costumes look great.
con: The costume budget is down to about $15.
Pro: Everyone seems nice.
con: There do not appear to be any cute boys. (hey I may be shallow and/or oversexed, but at least I left it for last)
It’s going to be one of those movies that are on TV on Friday night or Saturday morning, where coming in halfway through doesn’t really impact your understanding of the plot. Although you could overestimate it if you missed the beginning, as you might assume that key plot points were actually explained. We actually made really good time today, I left the location just under the 12 hr mark, which means that we didn’t run late. So hopefully that will continue.

When I went shopping for the movie I went to this fabulous thrift store, which sells clothes from movies, television shows and studios. And it had the most gorgeous, and cheap!, vintage, I could not resist. I got this light grey 40’s jacket, with functional welt pockets and weights in the hem (to make it hang straight) for $17. Of course that was $17 more than I should have spent, considering that I also bought a new bra and a crinoline (stiff petticoat that makes 50’s style skirts poof out) in Portland. My mom actually paid for the crinoline, but I have to pay her back, so I was kind of pissed to see that they had much cheaper ones at the store that I went to.

The other thing that I desperately want to buy is a TiVo. As you may, or may not, know, the new TV season this week, and I really want a TiVo to record everything for me while I am working. Of course I a) totally cannot afford one (even though I did work for money one day this week) and 2) need to have cable in order to record two shows at a time. Allegedly it is possible to siphon cable television off of one’s cable internet, but I would never do that, because it is probably illegal, even if I could afford to get my own internet. *sigh*

And now that I have written an insanely long post (698+ words? What is up with that?) I need to go to bed, so I can get up in the morning and work for free some more. (Don’t worry, I’m not bitter, just tired). Maybe there will be donuts, that would be nice.