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I Find Titles Confining (this is a lie, i just never think of good ones) June 5, 2008

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Hi internet people! I know I have been gone for a long time, and I’m sure you have missed me terribly, but I have been working very hard, and then I went to Boston for my sister’s graduation, and tomorrow I am going to New Orleans for the weekend. That’s right, I am a jetsetter. I am supposed to be cleaning my apartment today, because I am going on a trip and it is a total mess because I’ve been wrapping all the clothes from the movie I just finished in here, and because I didn’t clean it before the movie started or before I went to Boston. I also need to do my laundry today. But I am not doing any of that because there are people in my apartment doing mysterious maintenance things (they are not here right now, they went to lunch), and I feel weird cleaning my house while they are banging around in my kitchen and bathroom. I actually feel weird doing anything but sitting at my computer, I am just not used to random people being in my house, I always feel weird around contractors, like I should get out of their way and not sit around reading while they’re working. But my plan for today is; clean, laundry, finish disk 4 of Buffy season 7 (and put it in the mail), shower, pack, and go to sleep early. The plan includes the possibility of leaving the house and going to the post office, but that probably won’t happen now, since I’m putting actual work off until my apartment is free of people.

Update: So I just went into my bathroom, and the maintenance people put up my towel rack! It’s been
sitting on the floor since I bought it six months ago.  (Of course, now I don’t know how to get it down, but I don’t really care.)  They also fixed my sink so it drains, and made my window that was stuck shut open.  Do I suspect that they did all this because my lease is up in a month?  Yes.  Do I care?  No.  Am I going to go clean now?  Yes, yes I am.