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I Find Titles Confining (this is a lie, i just never think of good ones) June 5, 2008

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Hi internet people! I know I have been gone for a long time, and I’m sure you have missed me terribly, but I have been working very hard, and then I went to Boston for my sister’s graduation, and tomorrow I am going to New Orleans for the weekend. That’s right, I am a jetsetter. I am supposed to be cleaning my apartment today, because I am going on a trip and it is a total mess because I’ve been wrapping all the clothes from the movie I just finished in here, and because I didn’t clean it before the movie started or before I went to Boston. I also need to do my laundry today. But I am not doing any of that because there are people in my apartment doing mysterious maintenance things (they are not here right now, they went to lunch), and I feel weird cleaning my house while they are banging around in my kitchen and bathroom. I actually feel weird doing anything but sitting at my computer, I am just not used to random people being in my house, I always feel weird around contractors, like I should get out of their way and not sit around reading while they’re working. But my plan for today is; clean, laundry, finish disk 4 of Buffy season 7 (and put it in the mail), shower, pack, and go to sleep early. The plan includes the possibility of leaving the house and going to the post office, but that probably won’t happen now, since I’m putting actual work off until my apartment is free of people.

Update: So I just went into my bathroom, and the maintenance people put up my towel rack! It’s been
sitting on the floor since I bought it six months ago.  (Of course, now I don’t know how to get it down, but I don’t really care.)  They also fixed my sink so it drains, and made my window that was stuck shut open.  Do I suspect that they did all this because my lease is up in a month?  Yes.  Do I care?  No.  Am I going to go clean now?  Yes, yes I am.


Insecurity Disguised as Introspection May 1, 2008

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Let me just preface this by saying that I spent 25 minutes stuck in traffic, just trying to get on the freeway.  And I was starving and missing Lost and tired from running around all day and stressing out about my life.  And I wanted to kill myself.  Once I got on the freeway it only took about five minutes to clear the place where the accident had been (which allowed me to stop wondering why so god damn many people were driving from Hollywood into the Valley at 10 on a Thursday night) and once I could finally drive above 30 MPH I never wanted to stop.  I rolled my window down, and cranked my radio up, and I just wanted to keep driving.  I didn’t of course because I also wanted to get out of my car and have some chocolate liqueur milk (which is very tasty and which will be to blame if this post becomes even more incoherent than usual).  Alcohol is not my preferred method of de-stressing, but my boy is out of town for a month and a half for work (since we’ve been dating he’s been out of town more often than he’s been here).

So before I was losing my shit in traffic (I normally deal well with traffic, it’s just when I’m tired and stressed that I can’t deal) I was freaking out about my “career”.  I’m good on set, and I’m great as an assistant,  but I kind of hate doing the prep work, and I’m afraid that I suck at designing.  And it stresses me out that I like what I’m doing now, but I’m on a track towards something that I don’t like (and am not good at).  I feel great after 12 hours on set, but 8 hours of driving around and shopping; and I’m ready to put a bullet in somebody’s head.  Why can’t I just marry a nice rich guy and raise some kids in a little house by the ocean?  Alternately I could just give up and get some retail job, but if I’m going to have a soul-killing job, it might as well be one that people are impressed by.  (And that pays more than $8 an hour, although I’m still working for less than that now.)  I don’t know, my chocolate milk is all gone, and I’m still all tied up in knots.  I should eat some real food, but everything I have needs to be cooked.

Meanwhile, back in topics that are not totally depressing, there was a very cute actor in the short that I was working on this week.  I think a big part of it was that the character was that shy, smart, nerdy boy that I really like.  And he had this great dance that was very Singin’ in the Rain inspired, that just looked like all those 1950’s Gene Kelly dances which I love.  But he was at least a little objectively cute too, because while I was watching him dance I thought “wow, he has a really cute ass.”  And I never think that.  The butt as an erotic object totally baffles me, I usually do not think anyone’s ass is cute, so this was a big breakthrough in parts of the body that I find attractive.  (I usually find the upper body attractive; chest, arms, back: yum).  So now that you know more than you ever wanted to about my insecurities and turn-ons, I am going to go watch How I Met Your Mother because I didn’t tape Lost and it’s not online yet.


TV and Art (Two Separate Discussions) April 18, 2008

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So the Eli Stone finale was on tonight, and oh man you guys, there was so much crying. I started getting all teary before the opening credits, then Victor Garber got me really going, and I spent at least the last half-hour just all out; tears-streaming-down-the-face, the whole nine yards. It was very cathartic, I feel great now. Seriously, if it’s back next season you guys should totally watch it. The beginning of the season was kinda rocky, but it’s totally becoming my new Grey’s Anatomy (i.e. show that makes me cry every week, whether I want to or not [Grey’s Anatomy itself no longer fills this role, which continues to make me sad, but in a disappointed way, not a crying way]). Also you have not lived until you’ve seen Victor Garber sing (yeah I totally love him, but he’s awesome, spy daddy, lawyer daddy, I don’t care, he’s totally my TV surrogate dad. Along with Hugh Laurie on House, and if the image of the two of them as a gay couple with a daughter doesn’t make you unreasonably happy, I don’t know what will).

In other news from tonight’s TV shows: on The Office Jim and Pam are too cute for words, I totally “awww”-ed, even after I had steeled myself against their cuteness. But I think the internet quiz was right, Jim really is my ideal boyfriend; I just want a tall, dorky guy who I can joke, (and banter) with, and who sometimes calls me by my last name. See, that’s not so much really.

In non-television news, I was looking for quilt books at the library, and I found this altered books book, and it’s totally amazing. I’ve done some collage, a little painting, not much three-D but I have made a few books into boxes, (I have actually made books, but they didn’t have anything inside them). But this is like this amazing combination of all three, with words underneath, the possibility for narrative, and interactivity. I started making one last night, using my file of ten years worth of magazine clippings, plus the three+ year old stack of Elles that I can never bring myself to throw away, because when I go on an art binge and I need to find pictures of doors they are there for me. I’ve got one page spread done, and one halfway done, and there are piles of magazine pages spread across my entire floor, and it’s great. however I have discovered that I’m too old to sit all hunched over on the floor to work on a project. I go into this kind of a fugue state, where I’m so involved and focused on what I’m working on that everything else just falls away, and I’ll “wake up” two, three, four hours later, and these past few days I’ve barely been able to stand back up, my back and legs are so sore. Sadly I am not yet old enough to afford a nice big table to work at (I have a desk for my sewing machine, but it’s small, and cluttered with sewing crap) so I’m going to keep sitting on the floor (and spreading all my stuff across it).

In bottom of the page news: I have finished my week of everyday blogging, but I think I’ve finally sorted out what I want this thing to be, so I’m going to keep writing regularly (I wish I could promise only when I had something to say, but it’s more likely to be the opposite). I also want to write about Dollhouse (it’s on the hastily scrawled post-it), but I’m still trying to marshal my thoughts beyond “Squee!”, so we’ll see how that goes.


Freaks and Geeks April 14, 2008

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So I just started getting Freaks and Geeks from Netflix (I’m on the second disk), but it’s great. It’s hilarious, and painful, and it represents what high school is actually like, unlike literally every other movie or television show about high school I’ve ever seen. But the reason I really like it is that John Francis Daley looks disturbingly like my little brother (who is 13 right now), and I just want to give him a hug all the time.

Sam Weir

Sadly, neither my sister or I particularly resemble Linda Cardellini, although someone did tell me this weekend that I looked like Velma from Scooby Doo who was played by Linda Cardellini in the live-action movie, so maybe it’s not that far fetched. Although I just assumed they were just reacting to the glasses / cute bob combo, someone else that day told me I could be batgirl (red hair plus black Doc Martens), so I took it with a grain of salt.

+ Batgirl = Me?

But I’m going to keep Velma in mind for a Halloween costume.

In other news I’m getting a noise headache from the hood (fan/vent combo) over my stove. I got a notice saying the gas in my building was going to be shut down today (due to a “major” but unnamed “emergency”) and this apparently has made my stove smell like gas. It makes no sense to me, but I figured a noise headache was better than a gas-fumes one, so the hood’s staying on. The notice also said “Please take all the necessary steps to be ready for this emergency” [all caps and underlined] and I hope they were talking about the emergency of having the gas shut off, and not the vague yet preplanned emergency that necessitated turning off the gas.

I am going to leave you with a you-tube video of John Francis Daley on the set of Freaks and Geeks, acting just like my little brother. And if you want to see him all growed up, Bones is finally back tonight at 8. (opposite HIMYM, but that’s a whole nother story.)


March 6, 2008

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So, I am continually resolving to write here more, and then I never do. It’s not even the New Years thing, where you keep the resolution for a few weeks and then stop; I resolve to write more often, but I don’t. It’s tragic really. In fact I’m only writing now so I can avoid working on my jeans. (Rationale: I’d only have 40 minutes before Lost (even though it’s only last week’s)). Anyway the progress of the jeans is the only thing people even ask me about anymore, because it’s the only thing I’ve actually been doing in weeks. Which is why I resolved to accomplish one thing (even if it was a little thing) every day, and I made a list and everything. And todays is work on my fucking jeans. I’m just worried about them, and I’m on the waistband, which stretches a different way from the pants, and I spent hours last time fussing around with them (and basting, which I never do) and the pants are all wrinkled across the back, and I’m afraid that when try them on it won’t go away. Right, anyway. So I haven’t been doing anything, although I will be going back to work a week from Monday (fingers crossed, knock on wood etc.). Also Firefox is being a bitch and a half to me, and I want to smack it. Although I sort of suspect it’s because I try to open too many windows ans tabs at once. But there are somethings that I want to go back to, and if I bookmark them and close the window I will never see it again. But I am trying to get some of them closed. For someone who sits at home all day doing nothing, I have a lot of stress. I was also going to write about these really cool DVD menus I saw, but I haven’t taken screenshots of them yet, and I still cannot get pictures into my posts. It is allegedly very easy, but it refuses to work for me (bastard). So I know I posted those TV personality quizzes last time, but I looked for a Veronica Mars one and they did not have one, and this is one of the things that has been clogging up my dock, so:

That’s right bitches! While was taking it I thought that I was probably too much of a Good Girl to get Miss Mars herself, but I just remembered that she totally was a good girl until that whole best friends murder/social outcast/quest for vengeance thing. And when I went to get the code for that I ended up at another quiz (I swear, it’s like crack):

And really, he’s basically the male, futuristic, space-western, version of Veronica Mars.
So I’ve got to go put my Netflix in the mail before (last week’s) Lost, (also, grrr Netflix for not being open on Sat). Later.


Laundry February 4, 2008

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The washers and dryers (or, as I like to call them, laundry machines) at my apartment complex work on a card system. Instead of putting quarters in you put money on a card and use the card in the machine. This sounds like a good idea in theory, but in practice every time I go to do my laundry, I cannot find my card. Now besides having my laundry money in it the cards are five dollars to replace, and I know that it’s in my apartment someplace. So I spend fifteen minutes tearing my apartment apart, looking in less and less likely places while I try to reconstruct any logic I might have used in finding a “safe” place for it. And every time I wonder why I don’t just keep it in my wallet. I finally found it on my sewing table, which was where I thought I was keeping it, but not before looking inside my laundry detergent, on the top shelf in my closet (it’s near my dirty clothes), and through the top layer of my trash. The moral here is that I should probably do my laundry more often. Of course once I found it I dragged my laundry downstairs to find all of the washers full, which was why I waited till Monday to do my laundry, instead of doing it over the weekend. But this time I am definitely putting the card in my wallet when I am done with it.

In other news I recently got trapped by one of those “what tv character are you?” websites, and apparently my defining characteristics are: crazy smart, and intermittently evil, which works for me.

Also my TV boyfriend is:

Aww, of course my ideal TV boyfriend can bring people (and things) back from the dead, but I don’t think he was an option in this quiz.