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Things that made me go “Oooooh!” this weekend August 19, 2007

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In reverse order:

  • So, after the short lived rumor that she would be joining the cast of Lost, E! Online is now reporting that Kristen Bell will be doing a multi-episode arc on Heroes! Which is by far the best post-Veronica Mars casting news that I’ve heard. (The worst being that Logan is going to be on CBS’s Angel rip-off Moonlight. I love me some Jason Dohring, but that show looks bad.)

  • I went to Venice this weekend, and I was waiting on the side street where we’d parked the car when I heard someone walking up the street behind me. I turned around and saw Arvin Sloan walking along the deserted sidewalk. I kind of freaked out, and turned back around, but I watched his back after he passed, and it was definitely Ron Rifkin. Walking down the sidewalk in Venice, wearing a yarmulke and humming to himself. It was surreal.
    So now I can cross two things off my “Since I’ve Been in LA” list: seen the ocean, and seen a famous person. I still haven’t seen the Hollywood sign though.
  • I firmly believe that this is the most beautiful sentence in the English language: “with Jack Black, Paul Rudd, Jason Schwartzman and Justin Long as the Beatles”. It is referring to Judd Apatow’s upcoming movie Walk Hard, and, for me, this bumps the movie from “ehh” (I’m a little skeptical of John C. Reilly as a comic lead) to “OMG” (Because; Jack Black. Paul Rudd. Jason Schwartzman. Justin Long. As, The Beatles). I’m having trouble deciding who will play which Beatle, mostly because I can never remember any characteristics of George besides “The Quiet One”. But I think Schwartzman as John, Rudd as Paul (he’s for sure the cute one), Long as Ringo (in my mind both the manic one, and the skinny one), leaving Black as George. But it really doesn’t matter which is which, because any way you slice it = Awesome.
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