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Things I’ve Seen This Week May 9, 2008

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  • A cop car pulling over a mail truck
  • A motorcycle cop pulling over a bicyclist
  • The purple trees blooming.  This is one of the reasons I love living in LA, there are tons of flowering trees.  These ones have bright purple flowers all over, they bloom before they leaf out, and they’re all over the place.
  • Zero television episodes.  I’ve been crazy busy with work, I had today off, but I still had to run wok related errands.  But I am going to rectify this at once, and see how much I can watch before I fall asleep again.

Insecurity Disguised as Introspection May 1, 2008

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Let me just preface this by saying that I spent 25 minutes stuck in traffic, just trying to get on the freeway.  And I was starving and missing Lost and tired from running around all day and stressing out about my life.  And I wanted to kill myself.  Once I got on the freeway it only took about five minutes to clear the place where the accident had been (which allowed me to stop wondering why so god damn many people were driving from Hollywood into the Valley at 10 on a Thursday night) and once I could finally drive above 30 MPH I never wanted to stop.  I rolled my window down, and cranked my radio up, and I just wanted to keep driving.  I didn’t of course because I also wanted to get out of my car and have some chocolate liqueur milk (which is very tasty and which will be to blame if this post becomes even more incoherent than usual).  Alcohol is not my preferred method of de-stressing, but my boy is out of town for a month and a half for work (since we’ve been dating he’s been out of town more often than he’s been here).

So before I was losing my shit in traffic (I normally deal well with traffic, it’s just when I’m tired and stressed that I can’t deal) I was freaking out about my “career”.  I’m good on set, and I’m great as an assistant,  but I kind of hate doing the prep work, and I’m afraid that I suck at designing.  And it stresses me out that I like what I’m doing now, but I’m on a track towards something that I don’t like (and am not good at).  I feel great after 12 hours on set, but 8 hours of driving around and shopping; and I’m ready to put a bullet in somebody’s head.  Why can’t I just marry a nice rich guy and raise some kids in a little house by the ocean?  Alternately I could just give up and get some retail job, but if I’m going to have a soul-killing job, it might as well be one that people are impressed by.  (And that pays more than $8 an hour, although I’m still working for less than that now.)  I don’t know, my chocolate milk is all gone, and I’m still all tied up in knots.  I should eat some real food, but everything I have needs to be cooked.

Meanwhile, back in topics that are not totally depressing, there was a very cute actor in the short that I was working on this week.  I think a big part of it was that the character was that shy, smart, nerdy boy that I really like.  And he had this great dance that was very Singin’ in the Rain inspired, that just looked like all those 1950’s Gene Kelly dances which I love.  But he was at least a little objectively cute too, because while I was watching him dance I thought “wow, he has a really cute ass.”  And I never think that.  The butt as an erotic object totally baffles me, I usually do not think anyone’s ass is cute, so this was a big breakthrough in parts of the body that I find attractive.  (I usually find the upper body attractive; chest, arms, back: yum).  So now that you know more than you ever wanted to about my insecurities and turn-ons, I am going to go watch How I Met Your Mother because I didn’t tape Lost and it’s not online yet.


Mini Update April 25, 2008

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So, clearly I need some sort of dictatorial schedule or I will never post at all, but it is late now, so I will leave the schedule making for tomorrow.  I’ve been working on my altered book, which is coming along great, and I’ve got an idea for another one too, I need to start working on my sister’s dress that she asked me to alter (it shouldn’t really take that long, I just have to stop being weird about it), I worked last weekend, and next week I have to prep for two projects that I’m designing (costumes) for.  So yeah, I’ve been keeping busy and having meetings and watching tons of tv.  And now I’m going to bed.


Lots of Pictures, You’ve Been Warned April 13, 2008

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Hi people! I don’t know where you all came from, or if you will ever come back, but hi!

I’m tired now, I was working today (for free, blah) on this student film that was a total mess, 9 hrs of everyone taking their sweet time, then 3 hours of oh my god hurry up 2-take set-ups. But the good part was that we were out at Linda Vista which is this amazing abandoned run-down art deco hospital, close to downtown LA. I’ve shot there twice before (on longer and better organized shoots thankfully) and I love it. It’s falling apart, and it’s full of room after room of abandoned furniture, and discarded hospital stuff, and random shit that film crews have left there (also, tons of dirt, not very costume friendly). Last time I was there I tried to take those “empty rooms with stuff in them” kind of pictures, which I’m not very good at. So this time I tried to do more “abstract close-ups”

and “things framed by windows”,

which worked better, because composition was one of my stronger skills in photography. Also most of the building is unlit, except by natural light, so taking pictures through windows works well. I also threw in a healthy number of “things I couldn’t see without the flash”.

This is the view up the dumbwaiter shaft (like an elevator shaft, but tiny!).

This is the same view with no flash, I assume that the lights are coming through the open dumbwaiter doors on each floor. I know that if you are reading this on RSS and or have a slow internet connection you already hate me for posting this many pictures anyway, so I’m going to go ahead and post my favorite ones.



Coincidence? I think not! September 23, 2007

So, I haven’t written in ages, and I’m kind of tired, so apologies in advance if this turns out to be an incoherent info-dump. I’d do bullet points, but I’ve forgotten how, and I’m too lazy to look up the HTML.

Last weekend I went to the first wedding where I wasn’t related to anyone there. It was awesome. I got all teary during the ceremony, then later I did that thing where I say “awww” about everything and I cannot stop myself. I also almost fulfilled a wedding cliché, until I was interrupted by one of my “friends”. And you know how I like clichés.

It rained here! Last night and today, I am very excited. It smelled so good yesterday when it started, and then this evening my apartment complex smelled like eucalyptus. It’s finally starting to cool down here, and I am very excited about fall in LA (it is my favorite season after all).

I started interning on this movie today, which I’m still a little conflicted about, so I’m going to try to sort all my thoughts into a pro/con list. (Wish me luck)
Pro: I am completely in charge of costumes and wardrobe, I get to do all the shopping, etc.
con: I am the entire wardrobe department. The production as a whole has a very small crew.
Pro: I have to buy less food.
con: I have to buy more gas.
Pro: I get experience and connections.
con: I don’t get paid.
Pro: What we’ve shot so far (one day) looks really good, the location is great and the lighting is vary atmospheric and moody.
con: The script. It is so bad, you guys. It suffers chiefly from a lack of exposition, and the fact that if you actually think about it for 30 seconds it makes no sense. The gaping plot holes, completely unexplained bookending scenes, and silly dialog are really just the cherry on top.
Pro: The costumes look great.
con: The costume budget is down to about $15.
Pro: Everyone seems nice.
con: There do not appear to be any cute boys. (hey I may be shallow and/or oversexed, but at least I left it for last)
It’s going to be one of those movies that are on TV on Friday night or Saturday morning, where coming in halfway through doesn’t really impact your understanding of the plot. Although you could overestimate it if you missed the beginning, as you might assume that key plot points were actually explained. We actually made really good time today, I left the location just under the 12 hr mark, which means that we didn’t run late. So hopefully that will continue.

When I went shopping for the movie I went to this fabulous thrift store, which sells clothes from movies, television shows and studios. And it had the most gorgeous, and cheap!, vintage, I could not resist. I got this light grey 40’s jacket, with functional welt pockets and weights in the hem (to make it hang straight) for $17. Of course that was $17 more than I should have spent, considering that I also bought a new bra and a crinoline (stiff petticoat that makes 50’s style skirts poof out) in Portland. My mom actually paid for the crinoline, but I have to pay her back, so I was kind of pissed to see that they had much cheaper ones at the store that I went to.

The other thing that I desperately want to buy is a TiVo. As you may, or may not, know, the new TV season this week, and I really want a TiVo to record everything for me while I am working. Of course I a) totally cannot afford one (even though I did work for money one day this week) and 2) need to have cable in order to record two shows at a time. Allegedly it is possible to siphon cable television off of one’s cable internet, but I would never do that, because it is probably illegal, even if I could afford to get my own internet. *sigh*

And now that I have written an insanely long post (698+ words? What is up with that?) I need to go to bed, so I can get up in the morning and work for free some more. (Don’t worry, I’m not bitter, just tired). Maybe there will be donuts, that would be nice.


Shiny New Job July 23, 2007

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So, I’m working at a production company that makes documentary-style reality tv shows. They have shows on the Food network, TLC, History channel, etc. They also have a show that’s premiering on Bravo at the end of the month. I’m the office PA, so I get to make coffee, do filing, run errands and keep the kitchen clean. Basically I’m like an intern, except I get paid. Which is exciting. However I don’t have a desk, I just hang out in the kitchen, which is also the conference room, so I get kicked out when people want to have meetings in there. But I also get to watch tv while I work, although I’m supposed to leave it on a channel that we have a show on, so I watch a lot of Bravo. I’ve seen every episode of this season of Top Chef at least one and a half times. Everyone there is really nice, which is good, because they are the only people I know in the city.

I’m going to take my laptop into the kitchen now, so I can get a good enough signal to send this, then go to sleep, but next time I’ll talk about the cute intern (he’s younger than me, leaving in a month, and a swimmer. That’s a lethal combination for me).